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WATCH the video if you're new to the pack walks !​

Starting in February 2019 I`ll be conducting Regular Pack walks for Previous small breed class graduates. Having Regular pack walks is an essential part of dog fulfillment and will continue to work wonders for your dog's overall behaviour and sociability. Essentially these walks will be like training classes but with a more laid back and relaxed approach. These walks are also a great opportunity for me to advise on your dog's progress and answer any questions you need. 

Keep up with your progress by coming to regular pack walks!

Cost per session 
  • Everyone meets at a designated location - Dogs remaining on leads at all times also keeping a 3-meter proximity between other dogs until instructed otherwise.

  • After all the dogs arrive, we will begin our pack walk.

  • Pack walk Duration: 25 mins

  • Post-walk controlled social dog interaction: 15 mins

  • Question time with James and continued social interaction: 20 mins (After the session ask any questions you may have regarding your dog)

Total Pack walk session time: 1 hour

June pack Walk dates are being held at Seacrest Park. Other locations will follow in the coming months:


Sunday 3th June | 8:00am - 9:00am)


Sunday 9th June | 10:00am - 11:00am)

Sunday 30th June | 10:00am - 11:30am Special Event Dogs and Coffee at BooBoo's



Details apply to every date:


Where: Seacrest Park area (see directions below)

105 Seacrest Drive, Sorrento WA


Frequently Asked Questions



How do I book a spot on the pack walks?


Simply text me on 0458494147 stating the date(s) you wish to attend. Include your name and dog(s) name. I`ll reply text with confirmation.


Who is eligible to come on pack walks?

You must have completed the small breed group course in order to participate in pack walks (Fundamentals of dog psychology) Click HERE to see upcoming course dates and enroll


My dog has become a little more unsociable since attending the course, should I still bring them?

Absolutely! Just like the group classes, I will personally be conducting the initial introductions of all the dogs, just follow my instruction and your dog will be walking as part of the pack! These walks are designed to offer my clients a chance to touch up on training and help their dog(s) achieve balance through this instinctual activity together. 

If you feel you`ll need my help from the minute you arrive, let me know beforehand via text (0458494147) and I'll take complete control when you first arrive to ensure smooth sailing for your dog in the pack walk.


Why are the pack walks cheaper than group classes?

I`ve made these sessions cheaper than group classes, It's my way of helping you stay on track to help maintain positive behaviour changes in your dog whilst offering great value. During the sessions, your dog will get the same level of training as in the group courses. It's important to me that everyone has the support they need to enjoy a balanced lifestyle with his or her dog so it is essential that these sessions are as affordable as possible to encourage people to come as regularly as they can.


How often should I come to these sessions to get the most benefit?

Walking with other dogs is an incredibly beneficial experience for a dog, it's as the way mother nature intended, so coming at least twice a month is the minimum recommendation to ensure your dog has regular controlled sociable experiences with other dogs. As we know, public dog parks can be a gamble as to whether you're going to have a positive experience as other dog's behaviour is mostly out of your control. The benefit of these sessions is that the entire environment will be under my control thus giving the dogs AND you the best possible experience, completely stress-free.


Is there such a thing as coming too much?
In one short word, NO! There is no such thing as too much exercise in a controlled and safe environment with other dogs. Come as often as you like!


Will I get a discount for coming frequently?

Absolutely! Once you`ve attended a total of 4 pack walks in a 6 week period you'll start to receive a special ongoing price of $25 per session as long as you attend at least twice a month. 


Can I bring treats for my dog?



Will the dogs ever be let off the lead on the walks?

This will be a case by case basis. In an event where I`m satisfied that it is safe to let dogs off the lead, you will have the option to do so. Generally, we will always start with the dogs on the lead for the first part of the walk. When deciding to let the dogs go lead-free. things that I consider are:


  • Your dog's natural recall at the time. I will assess if your dog is in "Pack Mode" or "Lack of recall mode". Pack mode means the dog has the intention to stick with the pack and lack of recall mode means that the dog will likely be easily distracted by an environmental stimulus. 

  • The safety of the environment - I have to be satisfied that there are no threats or dangers that will compromise the safety of the dogs being off the lead.

PLEASE NOTE: On pack walks, I will always decide which dogs will go off lead during the session. This is to ensure that the structure of the pack is always under my control based on my best judgment of all the factors to be considered.


I had two dogs on the course, do I have to pay double the pack walk fee?

No. If you had two dogs participate in the course, you only have to pay for one dog ($30).


How do I pay for the pack walk?

Payment can be made on the day of the walk. Or by clicking Book now.



Can I pay for other walks in advance?

Yes. Click on the Book Now link on this page.


What locations are chosen?

Pack Walk locations are carefully selected by me considering my experience and knowledge of the type of people/dogs that frequent the area. I also look for wider open spaces to allow for the space we need when moving around.


How many dogs will be allowed on the walks?

A minimum of 5 dogs is required for a walk to go ahead and a maximum or 10 dogs can be booked.

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