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Puppy Classes

"Best group training in Perth!"

"Do yourself a favour and enroll in his courses then reap the rewards"

"His courses are a MUST for all puppies"

"James is a miracle worker"


Puppy Classes Perth

All breeds accepted

Open to ages: 12 - 18 weeks

Most behavioural problems develop because people don't know how to communicate in a way that their dogs understand. Most anti-social behaviour problems develop due to lack of proper socialization at an early age.

I`ll show you how to completely understand your dog and how to give them the best life possible...

This is a group course specifically designed for puppies. This is a unique course that will give you an insight into how your dog experiences their world. It will give your dog the opportunity to socialize in a safe and controlled environment, learn obedience and address any concerns you have about your puppies development. You will learn invaluable knowledge on how to achieve a balanced and harmonious relationship with your new puppy.

Do you want to avoid these behaviours?

Aggressive Behaviour

Destructive Behaviour

Uncontrollable on the lead

Recall problems - Dog not coming when called

Do you want your dog to be calm and relaxed in any situation??

99% of people will experience behavioural problems with their dog at some point. Dogs need our guidance and LEADERSHIP. The difference between a well-behaved dog and a bad dog is always the LACK of leadership towards the dog. What is leadership? how do we effectively communicate this with our dog's?

Here's the good news: You can learn how to be a good leader for your dog you just need the right knowledge and information. Dogs are very simple creatures psychologically; the problem is they become humanized by us. Sound familiar?....

Dogs communicate primarily through energy. For us it's a language, a spoken language. If you went to a foreign country and spoke English to someone who doesn't speak English would they understand what you're saying? Of course not! 

The key to getting your dog to behave is to communicate with them in a way that they understand

Once you start communicating with your dog on their instinctual level, you will gain complete control and I want to show you how.

Dogs learn the best from EACH OTHER!

This unique group course unlike any other in Perth. This course gives puppies the chance to learn social etiquette from older calmer dogs which is absolutely CRUCIAL to developing their social skills and avoiding dog reactive behaviour in the future. Most dog reactive behaviour develops from a LACK of proper socialization! 

What will you learn on this course?

The fundamentals of dog psychology.

How to read your dog's body language.

How to use your energy to influence your dog's behaviour.

Understanding dog socialization and when to intervene. 

The Role of the Pack Leader.

How to create and maintain Rules and Boundaries for your dog.

Mastering the dog park visit.

How to reduce Fear and anxiety in your dog.

Enrol NOW and participate in three info packed classes!

Dog Behaviour


In order to get your dog to behave you must first know how to communicate and also have an understanding of how they experience their world, known as the dog's 'umwelt'. Once you understand what your dog needs from you to be a balanced dog, you can focus on providing those needs. The result will be a calmer, more obedient dog that will WANT to follow you! On day one you will get a fascinating insight into how your dog experiences the world and learn:

  • The fundamentals of dog psychology.
  • What is 'Energy' and what it means to your dog.
  • How to use your energy to influence your dog's behaviour.
  • How to get your dog into a fully relax and calm state.
  • Toilet training essential tips 

Establishing Rules and Boundaries

Just like every child, all dogs need rules and boundaries. Do you have a dog that is good some of the time but uncontrollable at other times? If we don't consistently provide rules and boundaries, then provide consequences when they are broken, your dog will be less controllable and obedient. setting rules and boundaries and maintaining them is essential to a dog's obedience. Day two will teach you how to:

  • Correct bad behaviours immediately.

  • Take control of unwanted behaviour in absolutely any situation.

  • Stop your dog from getting overly excited.

  • Control excessive jumping on people/children.

  • Control resource guarding/aggression of food, toys or other objects.

  • Set the foundations for recall and other obedient behaviours. 

 Dog Socialization Basics

Dog socialization can be a valuable tool in providing your dog with an outlet of mental and physical stimulation through play. However, it can be a tricky activity to understand and more importantly, control. Allowing your dog to play with the right dogs will be extremely beneficial for your dog. Not avoiding the wrong dogs can cause anti-social behaviour traits to develop in your dog.  On day three you will:

  • Learn how to assess any dog's body language and energy to determine if that dog is a suitable dog to permit interaction with.

  • Learn what normal dog socialization looks like.

  • Know when to intervene or break up unhealthy play behaviours.

  • Know what play behaviours to allow to carry on.

  • Learn how to understand the difference between aggressive and normal play behaviours.

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“Our 4 month old puppy has completed the small dog group course. I can not recommend James highly enough. The whole experience was truly amazing & informative

-Sheryl Bailey, Dianella

Course cost


inc GST


Frequently asked questions

My puppy doesn't get along well with other dogs. Will my dog still be suitable?

More than likely, yes. This course provides a safe, controlled environment to help puppys learn the basic socialization skill they need to co-exist with other dogs. All dog interaction is closely supervised and managed by James so every dog has the best possible experience.

What days and times are the courses run?

Puppy classes are run in the evenings on Mondays and Thursday. All classes are held 6:30pm - 7:30pm/8:00pm To view all upcoming course dates click HERE *Please check individual course dates and times and they may vary.

Does my dog have to be up to date with their vaccinations?

Yes. It is very important that we provide a safe environment for all the other dogs so up-to-date vaccinations are a must.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a suitable collar and lead. Everything else is provided.

Do I need to pay prior to the commencement of the course?

On enrolment you will need to pay at least a $50 to secure your position on the course. You also have the option to pay for the course in full. During the enrolment process you will be prompted to choose your preffered payment and pay online via our secure checkout (VISA, MASTERCARD, DEBIT). If you`ve paid a deposit. the balance will be due at the first class.

What happens if I don't make a session scheduled on a course?

It is very important to attend every class to get the full benefit of the course. Missed classes will not be eligible for refunds and it is recommended to repeat the course if preferred (Full course fee will apply).

Can I bring more than one puppy?

Yes, you can bring a maximum of two puppys. I have volunteers at each course that can assist with handling if required. It is often beneficial for two puppys of the same family to go through the course together. *Please note: You must fill out a seperate enrolment form for each puppy. The full course fee of $220 will apply to each puppy.

My puppy is very naughty. Is it possible for a puppy to be TOO naughty for this course?

No. These courses are specifically designed to accommodate dogs with a variety of behavioural personalities. Never be embarrassed and think that your dog will just make you look bad. No dog that comes on the course is perfect and that is why they are there, to learn! Everybody is expected to support one another as we all have the same goal which is to teach our dog's how to behave.

Are there any age limits for this course?

All puppies 12-18 weeks are accepted into the course. Puppies are required to be up to date with their vaccinations and cleared for socialisation by your vet. Puppies older than 18 weeks are recommended to enrol in my open age small breed courses by clicking HERE

Where are the courses held?

All puppy classes are held at Pawpals Bassendean Pawpals DayCare Unit 4, 329 Collier Road Bassendean WA 6054

How much does the course cost?

The total cost for the course is $220 (GST inclusive). A $50 deposit is requierd on enrolment to secure your position on the course. *Note: It is very important to attend ALL 4 classes that are part of the course.

My puppy is only young. Will they be okay with older dogs?

All puppy's interactions with other dogs on the course is carefully monitored by James, your course trainer. Dog socialization is an important part of puppyhood. Older dogs will teach your puppy proper social etiquette which will empower them with the appropriate social skills to handle future social situations. Remember: All dog interaction is done under the watchful eye of your course trainer and dog expert, James Fruze.

Do you do one on one training aswell?

Yes. If you feel that your dog may be suited to one on one training, please fill out a contact form by clicking HERE

Is the training area fully enclosed and safe for my dog?

Yes. The training area is fully enclosed, sterilized and indoors.

Do I get recognition for completing the course?

Yes of course. All graduates recive a certificate of completion.

Does a course like this work?

This course has shown incredible results for the dogs that have completed it. The owners learn Leadership and the dogs learn invaluable social skills that will give them the confidence to deal with day to day situations they will encounter. This course will improve the quality of life for all breeds of puppies.

My puppy is very timid and/or fearful, should I still bring them?

The short answer is yes. A fearful puppy will never overcome their fears if we allow them to keep avoiding scary situations. This course provides puppy’s that are generally fearful an opportunity to overcome their fears in a safe and controlled environment at a pace that is comfortable for them whilst still encouraging them to build their confidence. If your puppy has a habit of 'nipping' or 'snapping' at dogs or people don't let this stop you from enrolling either. This is just their way of telling us that they do not like what is happening. As you will learn on the course there are multiple ways to avoid that behaviour by providing the right leadership, so your puppy trusts you in any situation. This course has worked wonders for fearful puppy’s and they are now living more happy, comfortable lives.

Does my puppy have to be desexed?

No they do not.

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